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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hello! :)

Welcome to my new blog!! :) I'll be leaving my previous blog as it is, so If you want to visit there to see past artwork then you can find the link button in my sidebar!

So, to kickstart this new blog I thought I'd post my artworks from the AIR (Artist in Residence) Exhibition that I promised! The exhibition went really well, there were around 10 of us showing work and it we're all from different disciplines within the Universtity, so it was really fascinating to see it all together! I meant to take some pictures on the opening night, but I forgot my camera!!! o__O

It's quite a cold space to exhibit in, so to add a bit of warmth I painted gold leaves behind the frames, and I also made loads of paper flowers from vintage dictionary pages, with little chain drops. I nearly did myself a mischief trying to get everything done in time though!! I was still adding the finishing touches to the last piece on the morning of the exhibition!! I've never been the most organised person when it comes to time management... (I can just imagine my mum sporting her 'What an understatement!!' face as she reads this!!) But it all came together in the end! :D

'Pursuit of Happiness'

Gouache and Pencil

'The Wallflower'
Gouache and pencil

'The Illusionist'
Gouache and Pencil

'Do You Ever Wonder?'
Gouache and Pencil

Gouache and Pencil

'Once Bitten...'
Gouache and Pencil

(You can view larger versions of these on my

Three of the originals ('The Wallflower', ''Pursuit of happiness' and 'Do You Ever Wonder?') have sold to a really lovely art collector that I met whilst I was putting the work up, so that's great! :) The exhibition runs for most of the summer, so as soon as I get some good photos of the remaining available paintings, I'll be listing them for sale in my Etsy shop.

Have a lovely day! x