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Friday, 9 March 2012

... Sigh...

 ... Due to extreme levels of stupidity, this blog is under reconstruction... I accidentally deleted all my files from my Picasa Web album, not realising that that's where Google stores the images from the blogs!! They really should warn you about these things! o__O  So please bear with me whilst I try to recover them! xxx

In the meantime, please visit to see previous artworks :)

*Update!*  Yay, I managed to save it... well most of it! All the important stuff! :P  And I've spruced the place up a bit, made it a bit brighter! :) x


  1. Nice illustration!! I hope that you will be able to recover all the images!! ^_______^ Happy creating art!

  2. oh dear!!!!
    Absolutely love your work
    wondered if i could commission a range of rubber stamped images for me
    please contact me to discuss further

  3. Hi Leanne. That really stinks. Hope you can get everything back without too much trouble. This is such a sweet illustration. :)

  4. Ha ha, I love that picture :) And what a fright! But good you got it back.

    Just wanted to let you know that I used a few of your pictures on my blog a while ago. Hope that's okay!

    Your pictures are lovely. Haunting. Keep it up! x

    1. Hi Lissa!

      Apologies for the late reply! Yes that's absolutely fine, love your blog!! :) x

  5. Your work is lovely! Thanks for sharing!

    Do you mainly use traditional or digital mediums?

    1. Thank you Kate! :) I mainly use a mix of pencil and digital for my illustration work, but I also like to use acrylic or oils if I'm creating an original piece for sale. This drawing was pencil overlaid onto a vintage digital image x

  6. Bless you! I came across your designs via Carley Duff's blog and I just wanted to say I think they are all so beautiful and inspirational. Peace & Harmony x

  7. Sorry to hear about that Leanne! I'll learn from you though and never delete from picassa! Looks like you're getting back up!


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