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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Will Terry on Folio Academy...

Some time ago, I discovered the amazingly talented Illustrator Will Terry! (Click on the image below to visit his blog)

His work totally bowled me over - his attention to detail and use of light and colour are really incredible!! But what makes him even more exceptional is his desire to share his knowledge and insights with other artists... as we all know this is sooo rare! :P

I follow Will's blog (It's packed with beautiful artworks, witty observations and just generally awesome stuff!) and I have also chatted to him via email and his Facebook, and I've been constantly amazed by how generously he shares his vast bank of experience... When you read his posts you'll find that he's never afraid to admit his struggles as an artist (although to look at his work you'd never know if it wasn't for his humility and openness!) It's so refreshing to see a professional who's willing to share his successes and mistakes with equal enthusiasm! :P I admire this so much as I often find it really difficult to blog, as you can see from the hooge gaps between posts!! (blush blush...)

Given all this, I was so excited to discover that he has several tutorial videos available on Folio Academy.  If you haven't seen this site yet click on the image below to visit. It's an online Art School where you can choose from loads of great (and extremely affordable) tutorial videos in pretty much any medium or style you want to learn!

I purchased Will's Acrylic Painting, and I found it totally inspiring from beginning to end. Through the course of a painting (with extra bonus sketchbook and technique videos at the end) Will covers just about every aspect of painting in a stylised way with acrylics. He addresses brushes, surfaces, texture, underpainting, glazing, and lots more!

 (Click the image above to see all Will Terry tutorials)

I purchased this particular tutorial because although I used to work primarily in acrylics I have moved more towards pencil work over the past few years, relying on digital colour to finish my Illustrations. Having not flexed my 'painting muscles' for some time I've developed a bit of a fear of transitioning back into paint!! I'm just about to start easing myself back into the amazing versatility of Acrylics and Will's video is an ESSENTIAL reference for me - I've already watched it several times and I will be watching it many more over the coming months! I honestly can't recommend it highly enough for anyone new to acrylics, or to anyone who is out of practice and needs a bit of guidance! And of course if acrylics aren't your thing then there are lots of other great tutorials available! :) Here is a link to the Folio Academy tutorials by Medium: 

Happy learning!! :)